MCRPv13: The one with all the obsolete media

by Monome Community Remix Project

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Gather around, people, the time has come. Time to release MCRPv13 into the wild.

A remix project exploring obsolete media, cassettes, DATs, laserdiscs, dictaphones, minidiscs, games console cartridges, wax cilinders and anything else you may have to hand that everyone else has forgotten about.

Released on double-sided cassette. Even if it's on your iPod.

side a: steveoath - 1603 / artfwo - contact / ioflow - shifting sands / kinetic monkey - loose terrain / expairofmentalists - land of eyes / rawore - eye stutter / tigerhouserules - ka'nigh'ther / paperthintiger - hiatus / back to warwick - salt

side b: declutter - answer bravo / shimoda - thrift store junkie / thisiscoty - o / trppng - retrospective nostalgia / lokey - wordmaker / poorpot - down / 4aron - blast form the past / crake - bible studies / artpunk - are you listening? / phonkeeREDone - bubo bubo

Download for a bonus track by the always excellent by occasionally unpunctual ro.

Awesome photography by the awesome artpunk.

The curator would like to thank all of the Monome Community for helping to create this album. Everyone is amazing. Samples sourced via the Monome Community forum by: antiphon, kinetic monkey , coty, trppng, 4aron, shimoda, lokey, wednesdayayay, artfwo, egon77, artpunk, steveoath, xpm, rawore, declutter, ro, ioflow, pirxthepilot, poorpot, backtowarwick, atari5200, paperthintiger, and red.



released August 21, 2012

music by: steveoath, artfwo, ioflow, kinetic monkey, expairofmentalists, rawore, tigerhouserules, paperthintiger, back to warwick, declutter, shimoda, thisiscoty, trppng, lokey, poorpot, 4aron, crake, artpunk, phonkeeREDone




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